Welcome on the website of Meer Health!

The aim of this website is to inform you about the mission, backgrounds and activities of Meer Health. It is a developing website, like Meer Health is in a developing phase. Your contribution and comments are very much appreciated.


Meer Health is a company, founded op March, 8th, 2013 by Rob van der Meer. You can find more about him in his Curriculum Vitae. Meer Health is aiming at clients that want to use the services of Rob van der Meer. He is focused on advising, support and interim management in the area of health care in The Netherlands and international organizations.


If you are interested to use the services of Meer Health you can always contact me without obligations. In a meeting of email contact we can have a look at your wishes and expectations and the possibilities of services. If everything goes well a plan and business proposal can be made. In many cases Meer Health will use the services of M4B.


Beforehand we will make agreements on expectations of results. That can be in the aim of the project, the way of presentation, the scope, commitment of key players and other elements that are of concern for the results. Interim reports are also possible.