The International Committee of Military Medicine is a Non-Governemental Organization that aims to bring together all leaders and workers in military healthcare worldwide. By organizing congresses and courses, the conduct of working groups and by editing a magazine this aim is achieved.

COMEDS chairmanship

NATO is an alliance with political and economic objectives and of course a strong focus on the military. More than ever in modern times medical care during deployments is of the utmost importance. The ISAF-mission in Afghanistan has shown that a well equipped medical system can give the casualties chances to the amount that has been deemed necessary by the member states. This medical system is always multinational and for that reason cooperation before and during the mission is crucial.

Budget reduction Defense

By the government the annual defense budget was cut by € 1 bln. In order to achieve a new budget the MOD started a large budget reduction operation, for a major part by reorganizations and personnel reductions. Rob van der Meer was project manager Military Health Care throughout all health care units in Defense, both the joint units as the operational elements in the services. Of a total of ± 3500 jobs were cut by ± 900.


After the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall the tasks of the Dutch military were changed to peace time deployments mainly. Due to that change of focus a complete new need arose for the provision of medical care and surgical teams in particular. In the project Implementation Cooperation Defense and Partner Hospitals (IDR) medical specialist capacity was mainly recruited by an intensive and innovative cooperation of Defense and 12 civilian Partner Hospitals. The basis is that Defense provides personnel of funding for extra (“additional”) teams above the regular hospital formation.